Single Ply Lightweight Waterproofing Roof Systems

We supply a great range of single ply roofing systems which can be installed to meet the needs of your roof and building.

Single ply roofing membranes are increasingly popular in UK construction projects, both for new build and refurbishment.
This systems is able to meet highly challenging design briefs, delivering excellent thermal insulation and airtight construction, thereby reducing a building’s carbon footprint while making sure that performance-critical roof membranes continue to deliver high quality protection.

Single ply membranes are comprised of Resitrix EPDM reinforced rubber systems, making them perfect for overlay systems, flat roofs which aren’t in bad condition but need refurbishing and water-tightening, and roofs that require an extension of life.
A single ply system also has many advantages to the modern building for eg; if weight and load bearing limits are an important consideration.

We have 2 systems that suit all dimensions, sizes and shapes of flat roofs, offer different advantages and provide solutions to many flat roof projects as well as green roofing projects.

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