Roofing Insulation Upgrades

Insulating your roof is the simple and effective way for you to save energy and money. A quarter of your heat is lost through your roof and therefore it makes sense to take measures to stop the vital heat from escaping.

At North London Roofing, we can provide a professional roofing insulation service in North London as part of your roof replacement or repair, to help you achieve maximum insulation for your property. We have come to the rescue for hundreds of concerned property owners resolving emergency repairs and other roofing problems/dangers. We can install additional insulation on an existing roof, or we can design a roof with insulation in mind. Our roofers understand roofing insulation better than most, meaning you’ll get high standards of results for your home.

Our commitment to using quality materials throughout all our work leads to unrivalled results for London roofing insulation projects. We know how devastating a roof leak can be.
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Loft or Roof Insulations?

Around 25% of heat lost from an un-insulated home goes through the roof. The good news is you can easily install roof insulation

So, how much could you save by installing loft or attic insulation in your home? This uSwitch guide makes it easy to find out how to insulate your roof and save money on your energy bills.

Does the type of roof I have affect my options for insulation?

Your options for roof insulation will depend on the type of roof you have. Pitched (sloping) roofs are more straightforward and there are more options to choose from, while flat roofs and dormer roofs are more of a challenge to insulate.

What is the difference between a warm loft and a cold loft?

If you have a typical house with a sloping roof, or have the top flat in a block and are responsible for the loft space and roof above, you can either choose to have a warm loft or a cold loft:

  • A warm loft is where you insulate immediately under the roof, which means your loft space is warm as well.
  • A cold loft is where you insulate immediately above the ceiling of the top storey, so no heat from your home gets into your loft.

Cost-wise, there are a range of options available for roof insulation, some of which are relatively inexpensive. Some can be achieved with little DIY experience, while others require more do-it-yourself expertise. Some roof insulation options require specialist equipment and need to be carried out by a professional. Energy-efficiency grants are currently available for cold loft roof insulation.

Warm roof solutions are generally more expensive, but they can provide a greater level of heat retention. Also, you can more easily use the loft to store temperature-sensitive items, as a ‘cold roof’ can get very hot in the summer.

What type of loft insulation is easiest to install?

The simplest and cheapest loft insulation solution is the classic cold loft option. This involves insulating between and over the wooden joists immediately above the ceiling of your top floor. This is generally the only grant-funded option, although it is also fairly easy to do as a DIY project.

If you use your loft for storage, you will need to clear it before any grant-assisted work can be done, as grants, whether partial or 100%, will not cover the cost of clearing a loft. It could also be the perfect opportunity to sort through the items you’re storing to see if you still need them.

It’s a relatively simple process, as you can see in this video:

Article source: How much could I save through loft insulation?

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