A damaged roof can pose a serious threat to the safety of your home or commercial property, but North London Roofers and a regular maintenance, we can ensure that your roof doesn’t need repairing any time soon.

Easy maintenance for a problem-free roof:

Guttering and hopper heads should be cleared on a biannual basis to prevent the build-up of leaves and silt, particularly if your guttering is overlooked by trees.
Roof leaks should be attended to immediately. Water can be very destructive and what may start as a minor problem could soon deteriorate to be a major problem.

Solar paint can prolong the life of your roof and we recommend that you have it painted every 3-5 years, depending on the direction the roof is facing. South facing roofs, which potentially get stronger sunlight, are more at risk, but painting can help to prevent problems.

Heavy storms and extreme weather can badly affect the condition of your roof. From minor damage that has resulted in a slipped tile or slate, to more severe damage that could result in you needing a complete renewal of your roof, out tradesmen are equipped and trained to deal with either.

All of the above roofing repair services can be carried out to the highest standards by North London Roofing, so we can join our hassle-free maintenance programs and let us deal with the upkeep of your roof. Please speak to one of our surveyors to arrange an appointment.

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